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Order Fulfillment

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Orders pulled just in time per customer demand
Orders pulled just in time per customer demand
MMP pride packed in every order
MMP pride packed in every order
MMP kan ban system provides in-house vendor managed inventory
MMP kan ban system provides in-house vendor managed inventory

In today’s globally-competitive market place manufacturers need a reliable source that will assure products are delivered on time with short lead time and precision. Mitchell Metal Products offers its repetitive ordering accounts a special internal kan ban stock program. Our program allows us to supply metal stampings, forming and subassemblies quickly and efficiently to your facility on as frequent a basis as practical for your operations.

Vendor Managed Inventory

We provide you with a vendor managed inventory service from within our facility. In our system we work with you to establish a kan ban system we maintain in a vendor managed inventory fashion to assure you of product availability as you require it. Many of our customers now enjoy best in class inventory turns of their metal stamping and product inventories because of the service we supply via our order fulfillment operations. Your pulls of product from our facility send signals to our manufacturing plant that regulate our production based on your requirements.

If you are frustrated by missed deliveries from vendors who require lengthy lead times and provide little flexibility, contact us today. Provide us with details regarding your metal stamping, forming and subassemblies. We will use your data to develop a proposal and production plan designed to support your internal operations.

The reliability of kan ban order fulfillment and internally managed inventory service is such that many of our customers have orders released to us direct from work centers on their plant floor. Production personnel are connected directly to our customer service and production planning operations.

At Mitchell Metal Products we are committed to offering a strong vendor managed inventory solution for you right from our facility. Call us today to learn how we can help you turn your inventory dollars more quickly.

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