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Roller Bracket Assembly

Mitchell Metal Products is your one stop solution for metal stamping, forming, fabricating and assembly. Please review these samples of our work and contact us to allow our team of dedicated metal working designers create a solution for your metal part requirements.

A major manufacturer of self check out units experienced high levels of field complaints due to dull plating finish on a critical surface of its cash trough subassembly causing an optical reader to report an error. Mitchell Metal Products designers worked with engineers up and down the supply chain to create a solution that addressed the dull plating and also eliminated finish burns on non-critical surfaces resulting from post-finish welding. Utilization of the innovative TOX® joining system combined with MMP-recommended plating specifications for subassembly parts eliminated optical reader errors and provided the customer with a cost savings.

plating specifications for subassembly parts

A U.S.-based manufacturer of plastic safety gates for the juvenile furniture industry decided to expand their product offerings to include wood versions. The task to add a U.S.-manufactured line of wooden safety gates was monumental. The market was dominated by off-shore sources. This manufacturer, in need of a reliable and globally competitive source of custom metal hardware contacted Mitchell Metal Products. As a result we are proud to report this manufacturer now supplies U.S.-produced wooden safety gates featuring robust hardware supplied by MMP.

custom metal hardware

When one of the leading U.S. manufacturers of institutional furniture found itself in need of a new supplier for a very cost-sensitive, close tolerance, fabricated subassembly for its popular institutional table line of goods, it turned to Mitchell Metal Products. By using a combination of our various manufacturing processes and performing final assembly in our Panasonic Tawers®  Robotic Weld Center, fitted with our proprietary on-the-fly fixture change, MMP provided a cost-effective supply of parts shipped on demand directly to the customer’s work center.

fabricated subassembly

A French company specializing in rugged light fixtures for off road and construction equipment relies on Mitchell Metal Products to provide globally competitive bracket solutions to its plants in the United States and Europe. Value-added, automated assembly occurs via a custom engineered and produced resistance welding work center. Mitchell Metal Products features one of the largest collections of resistance welding work centers in the Midwest.

bracket solutions

The Mitchell Team was challenged by a leading producer of mainframe computers to find a solution to humidity induced corrosion on hidden surfaces of door hinges used on the chassis. The MMP successful solution includes an under coat of black epoxy e-coat topped with a customer-specific textured black powder coat. Today thousands upon thousands of these hinges are in use on mainframe computers without the worry of corrosion seepage from hidden surfaces. The highly cosmetic hinge is just one of many subassemblies provided to the computer industry.

highly cosmetic hinge

This 100% stainless steel flushbolt is supplied to the window and door industry. Production of the assembly involves many of Mitchell Metal Products unique capabilities. From flattening and punching of 300 series stainless steel rod to specialized tooling designed to stand up to the rigors of blanking small, close tolerance, yet heavy gage stainless staking rivets, Mitchell Metal Products puts its skills to the test successfully.

100% stainless steel flushbolt
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